Full Service Capability

At Lakeview Realty, we provide a full range of physical management and investor financial services. Our exceptional staff has the experience to respond effectively and efficiently to our client’s needs.

As a high standard of physical maintenance is required to hold and enhance the value of your asset, we set realistic budgets for maintenance and repair, ensuring the current income is optimized while the general state of repairs of your asset is maintained to support the value of the property.

At the commencement of each management engagement and annually thereafter, Lakeview Realty prepares a comprehensive budget to forecast month by month income and expenses, cash requirements, amortization of capital costs and anticipated income.

The budget represents pertinent figures from the subject property, integrated with benchmark figures from comparable properties under Lakeview Realty’s management.

Each month, property owners receive income statements with budget comparisons to monitor the performance of their assets. The reports are designed to client specifications to accommodate the required level of detail and to ensure compatibility with client accounting systems.