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Welcome to Lakeview Realty of Canada Ltd.

The Lakeview Realty of Canada Ltd. website will be your source for all things related to Lakeview Realty as a tenant, owner and investor.

At Lakeview, our properties are managed by highly skilled and qualified professionals, who possess Certified Property Manager and Charter Accountant designations. Their specialized abilities are backed up by the most up to date computer software programs, which speed up the flow of informational and financial reports.

In addition to our property management services, Lakeview Realty of Canada Ltd. is the real estate development arm of the Lakeview Group. Our services consist of site selection, feasibility analysis, concept design and ultimately project development and management. Lakeview Realty brings together property management, asset management, advisory, brokerage and construction services. From the conceptual stage through to the completion of the project, Lakeview Realty provides the seamless coordination of the entire development process.

Lakeview Realty's mission is to maximize the profitability from each of our managed properties. This is accomplished by ensuring that each property reaches its highest and best financial and operational potential through quality management and effective tenant relations.

We provide a wide range of property management services including preventative maintenance programs, custom financial reporting, asset management, on-going marketing, contract development and redevelopment.

Lakeview Realty of Canada Ltd. is proud to present the new Lakeview Office Tower at the James A. Richardson international Airport in Winnipeg, MB.

Click the image below for the complete digital rendering.

Lakeview Office Tower (Rendering)